Inoculantes y bio-inductores

The most advanced biotechnologies for your legumes

We are experts in strain selection, propagation, and packaging under strict quality assurance standards are your best assurances of superior nitrogen fixation and increased crop yields.

nutrición de cultivos

More efficent and long-lasting protection

Rizobacter has developed a seed treatment product based on Trichoderma harzianum, a fungus recognized for being one of the most important bio-control agents of diseases caused by seed and soil pathogens, such as: Fusarium spp, Bipolaris sorokiniana, Drechslera tritici repentis, Tilletia laevis, Ustilago tritici, Cercospora kikuchii, and Phomopsis spp.

terapicos de semillas

Advanced technologies designed to improve the quality and efficiency of spraying activities.

Rizobacter offers a set of specifically designed solutions for spraying activities that includes surfactants, anti-evaporants, water conditioners, anti-drift products, and cleaning agents.


Qualitative leap towards efficiency and precision

The technology of micro-granulated fertilizers facilitates rapid access to nutrients, which are essential for the emergence and development of the crop. This represents a qualitative jump towards efficiency and precision in the fertilizing process.

fertilizantes biológicos

Microbial biostimulants that promote plant growth and increases nutrient availability for better development.

Phosphorus is one of the most important and necessary nutrients needed for correct vegetable nutrition. The bio fertilization carried out by Rizobacter for wheat, corn and sunflower seeds, based on Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) that solubilize the phosphorous in the soil, improves the performance of phosphorus fertilizers, favors the development of the root and consequently, the evolution of the crop.